City Wrecker


City Wrecker

Released: September 16, 2014



  1. The Fog
  2. City Wrecker
  3. Running in Place with Everyone
  4. Helsinki Winter 2013
  5. Daughter of a Dove
Hello everyone and anyone.I recently made some more recordings under the name Moonface, which take the form of a 5 song ep called City Wrecker, and run at around half an hour.City Wrecker is the title track of the ep. I wrote it before Miley Cyrus released Wrecking Ball, but I cannot prove it. Oh well. In describing the song (and maybe the whole ep) I would say it’s the aesthetic opposite of Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus, which is not to say that’s a good thing or a bad thing, just an apple for you to hold up beside your orange. Regardless of all that, my friend Eetu, who recorded this EP, still likes to call the song Wrecking Ball and to sometimes call me Miley, but that’s okay cuz we’re buddies.I lived in Finland for a couple of years, but now I live in a little town nestled in the woods of Vancouver Island. This is a recent move, and so City Wrecker represents the last album I completed in Helsinki. Maybe I will go back to that big icy lighthouse, and all the lovely weirdos within I have come to love, one day, but for now I have used it up.I have a tendency to wreck the places I live. I am a luster scraper; a green grass imaginer. I wreck places emotionally, as in, even though they stay the same objectively, they somehow worsen in my heart. I wreck their meaning, and so ultimately their function. No more crackling inspiration. I waste my own time. I get bored. I turn gardens into dust bowls.And I am a city wrecker not just for myself, but for those close to me as well, for my wrecking is a quiet and creeping poison that is hard to identify; hard to see coming through my mist of moods. I fuss, and then still am dissatisfied, making my loved ones feel sad and helpless, angry and

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