When The Fire Is Dead In The Grate

Wolf People  

When The Fire Is Dead In The Grate

Released: December 3, 2013


  1. When The Fire Is Dead in the Grate
  2. Become The Ground
  3. All Returns
  4. All Returns Part II
Following Wolf People’s critically acclaimed 2013 release, “Fain,” comes this 4-track 12″ featuring two of the album’s most accomplished songs and two brand new tracks. “When the Fire is Dead in the Grate” has quickly been established as a fan-favorite throughout venues during their European tour. Stewart Lee described the song as “…. the album’s first stone classic, a funky folk-metal workout that trails off into a compellingly extended coda, both guitarists circling and dovetailing and spiraling.” A brand new track, “Become the Ground,” breaks new ground for the band, being, perhaps, their most obviously folk-influenced song to date. It’s a beautiful duet between lead singer Jack Sharp and guest vocalist Nicola Keary before the song breaks into a swirling psychedelic jam. The B-side of the 12″ is made up of the first track fans heard on Fain, “All Returns”, but now coupled with “All Returns Part II”, the song’s original extended outro. It’s Wolf People at their best, locking into a masterful groove, razor-sharp guitars lines interlocking and intertwining.

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