Preteen Weaponry


Preteen Weaponry

Released: August 5, 2008



  1. Preteen Weaponry Part 1
  2. Preteen Weaponry Part 2
  3. Preteen Weaponry Part 3
This is part one of the “Thank Your Parents” triptych of Oneida releases.”Preteen Weaponry”, itself, has three parts and is meant to be listened to at once (in order). It is almost entirely instrumental. Each part was recorded at different times and in different states of mind, but all on the same day.Oneida members past, present and future all contributed to this project.It reminds Oneida of what a live performance might sound like. It contains captured improvisational moments married with craft.Oneida have worked on this song off and on for the last three years.You can consider it an introduction to their forthcoming triple album “Rated O”, which is part two of the fore-mentioned triptych (to be released by Jagjaguwar in early 2009).Here is some added context from the label brass:Oneida has been releasing genre-defying music since 1997. They have eight full-length albums and various EPs and singles to their name, a perversely hypnotic live show as a calling card, and their reputation amongst other musicians is renowned. The list of great musicians and artists that Oneida have performed or collaborated with is far too extensive to briefly summarize here. They are critical darlings, they have become ambassadors for Jagjaguwar, and they are paying it forward with a label of their own called Brah Records (distributed by Jagjaguwar). For the reductivist in you, consider Oneida the bastard offspring of a Can/Suicide marriage, a band who is not afraid to pluck, tap, bend, synth or crash their way to the various extremes of rock, pop, folk and the avant-garde, and who brilliantly do so without alienating the respective fans of any of these so-called “genres”.

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