Grammer Bell and the All Fall Down


Grammer Bell and the All Fall Down

Released: April 19, 1999


From the first cymbal crash on the first song of this debut record, you know instantly that you’re dealing with something extraordinary. A songwriter has arrived, and he is much younger than he sounds. You must already know that songwriters are like mathematicians… they all peak in their 20s and early 30s. Then it is all downhill. We have so much to look forward to. Manishevitz is Adam Busch. And GRAMMAR BELL AND THE ALL FALL DOWN are confessional rock songs informed by old school rhythm and blues. It is obvious that the inestimable substance and the words that hold these songs together come from someone well beyond his years, in both lyrical ability and world-weariness. A glimpse of Busch’s apparent trajectory was first seen in his previous work as part of the now defunct quartet called The Curious Digit. Whereas The Curious Digit were “adept impressionists” who, with their second record HESSIAN HILLS, created a few sweeping portraits of sonic, artistic and emotional paralysis, Busch, as Manishevitz, has created with GRAMMAR BELL… “a brittle folk document with quiet, understated power.”

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