Watch Dinosaur Jr. On NPR’s Tiny Desk

Dinosaur Jr. have performed on NPR’s Tiny Desk (at home).  Performing new and classic songs from their catalogue, the performance takes place at Shea Theater in Turners Falls, Mass.

“I Ain’t”
“Feel the Pain”
“I Ran Away”
“Freak Scene”

Listen To Sweep It Into Space

Sweep It Into Space was recorded, as usual, at Amherst’s Biquiteen. The sessions began in the late Autumn of 2019 and the only extra musician used this time was Kurt Vile, who co-produced the album. After recording with Kurt got disrupted,  J Mascis took the reins on the rest of production. Murph‘s pure-Flinstonian drumming drives the record like a go cart from Hell. Lou’s songs here are as elegant as always. J’s tracks flow and flower in the different directions he often follows. Some are guitar howlers, with a string sound midway between Hendrix and Asheton, and some are power ballads, and there are anomalies. But there are very few moments where you wouldn’t know you were hearing Dinosaur Jr. in blindfolded needle drop. They have a signature sound as sure as the Stooges or Sonic Youth or Discharge ever did. They continue to expand their personal universe with Sweep It Into Space, without ever losing their central core.