They Hate Change release “Some Days I Hate My Voice” from upcoming LP ‘Finally, New’

They Hate Change, the Tampa Bay production/rap duo who recently signed to Jagjaguwar have released the last single from their forthcoming album Finally, New out May 13th. “Some Days I Hate My Voice” is Vonne’s speaker-knocking ode to androgynous gender euphoria, complete with shout-outs to 100 gecs and 60’s trans soul star Jackie Shane. Of the track Vonne notes: 

“I’ve written a bunch of sad lyrics about gender identity in the past, mostly while being sad about gender identity. Sad songs are played out though, so I approached this joint charged up and went at it from a different, equally honest perspective, that represents the experience of having a gender identity or expression that’s constantly in flux (in a positive way!).”

Truly a post-genre musical landscape Finally, New builds deep connections that transcend outdated distinctions between them, spilling over with the joy of exploration and possibility. A sound made possible by their knack for being sonic omnivores, obsessive deep-divers and lovers of rare and radical sounds. Starting as kids trawling the internet for tracks, they’ve been collecting music from around the world and across the decades, amassing a shared sonic knowledge so deep that “encyclopedic” barely begins to cover it—not just the East Coast hip-hop that Dre grew up on, or the hyperlocal bass-music variants like jook (the Gulf Coast’s twerkably raunchy answer to house) and crank (think “Miami bass meets NOLA bounce”) that Vonne grew up on, but also drum ‘n’ bass, Chicago footwork, post-punk, prog, grime, krautrock, emo, and basically any genre on the map. 

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