The End Is NiceWatch the New Video for Cut Worms’ “Cash For Gold”

“THE END IS NICE.” Or so says the sandwich board draped around the neck of Max Clarke, the sole creator behind Cut Worms, in the new video for “Cash For Gold.” And if the end means drifting into the abyss on the warm, youthfully romantic songs of Cut Worms, then he’s right: the end ain’t all that bad.

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At its core, “Cash For Gold” is a sockhop sensation for someone too neurotic to actually make it out the door — all dressed up, pacing around the couch all night watching infomercials, tormented by all the fun being missed. Like much of Cut Worms’ debut, Hollow Ground, the song revolves around Clarke’s obvious delight in singing his heart out through varying degrees of agony. His songwriting both evokes and explores the raw realm of youth, its weightlessness and possibilities, but channels it through the lens of someone more restrained, who’s been through it all before. Someone who’s old enough to know better but still gets drawn back in to the romanticism of teenage feelings – and knows how to take the listener along, too. The Elizabeth Skadden-directed video in which, in addition to the aforementioned sandwich board, Clarke also wears a pair of coke bottle, kaleidoscope glasses that leave him stumbling all over a New York harbor — that is until he meets the right lady who, for a moment, sets his vision clear.