See Briana Marela’s Magic Eye VideoNew Track “Give Me Your Love”

This afternoon’s lakeside chillout track-cum-banger comes courtesy of Briana Marela. Her bright and shimmering “Give Me Your Love” explores what Marela calls “love’s immature, silly and selfish side.” The track begins almost as an electronic ballad, sweet and inviting, before crashing into a dance-floor rhythm and a winking, flirtatious breakdown. The visual accompaniment is an autostereogram (a “magic eye”) designed by Joey Moran and built from album artwork made by Madeline Waits. We went crosseyed and saw a dolphin giving the peace sign.

Marela’s original vision for her new album Call It Love (out 8/4) was to dig into the two poles of her songwriting styles: her ambient, ethereal side and her brighter, beat-driven pop leanings. She enlisted the production help of Juan Pieczanski and Ryan Heyner of the band Small Black, who brought a strong percussive instinct, weaving pop and polish into even the most spaced-out cinematic arrangements.

Deepening her songwriting and expanding her palette, on Call It Love Marela has made her proverbial giant leap to explore the sounds of love in beautiful, striking new ways.