Robert Creeley

Robert Creeley  

Robert Creeley

Released: January 17, 2000


Jagjaguwar Correspondent is proud to announce the release of a new recording of the internationally renowned poet Robert Creeley. Captured on tape at his home in Waldoboro, Maine in the summer of 2000, the poet reads a selection of new and previously uncollected poems. This marks the first occasion in which Mr. Creeley has appeared unaccompanied on a CD, his work read in all its bare and vital intimacy.His landmark importance as a modern and uncompromising voice in the 1950`s and 60`s has continued through subsequent decades with work as crucial and innovative as in those formative years. He has been a distinct and relentless documentarian of age and its changing perceptions. From the tender, inquisitive addresses of a father to his growing children to meditations on growth, memory and reality, these fifteen pieces reveal a poet in maturity. Among them is a 25-part poem in response to the paintings of Francesco Clemente.William Carlos Williams said of Creeley, “The subtlest feeling for the measure that I encounter anywhere except in the verses of Ezra Pound.” Michael McClure wrote, “He is a genius of the sensorium as Kerouac was and a master of the ear as is Miles Davis.” Listen and you’ll know why.A 32-page booklet of text, photographs, and author’s note accompanies the CD.Among his numerous books are The Collected Poems of Robert Creeley 1945-1975 (University of California Press, 1982) and Life & Death (New Directions, 1998).