The Incompatible Okay Kaya

Okay Kaya  

The Incompatible Okay Kaya

Released: October 22, 2021



  1. If I Can Help Somebody
  2. Zero Interaction Ramen Bar - cover version
  3. Calendar Girl - cover version
  4. Book of Love
  5. Dance Like U - cover version
  6. Into My Arms
  7. Psych Ward - cover version
  8. Fake It - cover version
  9. Without Her

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Before Okay Kaya was a globally celebrated recording project (see: Okay Kaya’s recent Norwegian Grammy), it was simply a musical way for artist, genius and fellow Leo Kaya Wilkins to combat the blues.

“Originally Okay Kaya existed as a Soundcloud project, I would send these songs back to my family and friends —covering songs or just making up melodies and playing with language to help me fall asleep” Wilkins said.

Since then Kaya has expanded her practice through exploring language and song structure across various mediums ranging from sculpture, video and score work. Those early days of Wilkins’ Okay Kaya project are honored in fine fashion on her new stripped back mixtape The Incompatible Okay Kaya. The foundation of the Incompatible Okay Kaya is rooted in Kaya’s desire to foster a re-connection with audiences through these intimate and specific recordings. Whereas Okay Kaya’s studio efforts have employed the studio as an instrument and manipulated Kaya’s cool contralto like taffy it’s featured here in its natural form — inviting, low and gentle warbling. Not only does Kaya pull celebrated works from her own catalogue back into that NYC bedroom from many moons ago, she also thoughtfully and touchingly selects some undeniable burners from others. On The Incompatible Okay Kaya, the likes of Alma B Androzzo, Nick Cave and Magnetic Fields all find themselves in the glorious and ever-expanding Okay Kaya covers repertoire.

On the heels of her two long players in 2020, Watch This Liquid Pour Itself and Surviving is the New Living, this new collection is a beautiful mid-album reset to both remind you of Kaya’s wild songwriting acumen and provide a wee slice of respite from whatever calamity humanity has found itself by the time you read this missive.

Anyway, here’s wonderwall.

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