Real People EP

Small Black  

Real People EP

Released: April 1, 2014



  1. Real People (Ft. Frankie Rose)
  2. Lines Of Latitude (Ft. Frankie Rose)
  3. Consequences
  4. Reconstruction
  5. Downtown Lights
I’m not sure what a one sheet is really for other than to let you, the listener, know a little bit more about whatever music we’re about to share. These things always seem to be written by an omniscient figure that has some magic insight into the band. I thought it might be more interesting if I just told you myself what these songs are and how they happened.We look at an EP as a chance to try out some new ideas and cover ground yet to be explored. In doing 2013’s LP, Limits of Desire, we spent many hours developing a production aesthetic that mirrored the live instrumentation we have going on tour. After that experience and a year more on the road, we were able to work very quickly on Real People. Knowing the map well, we were able to let the songs happen simply and avoid massive revision. First thought, best thought.Luckily enough, Frankie Rose was around Brooklyn long enough this year to join us for the first couple of tracks. She’s a favorite of ours and a pro! We had forgotten how refreshing it is to bring a wildcard into the mix.

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