Jagjaguwar | JAGBR017


(JAGBR017 released: 2010-04-13 )

City of Straw

"Name any rock band and chances are you can connect its music back to some formal antecedent--Chuck Berry, the Velvet Underground, the Beatles or even just the blues. Sightings are unburdened by--even outside of--that history. The trio's lineup is as basic as they come: drummer, bassist, guitarist who sings. It's just that those elements seem based on some intuitive science that the rest of humanity hasn't quite gotten hip to yet." ʇ
  1. Tar and Pine
  2. Jabber Queens
  3. City of Straw
  4. Saccharine Traps
  5. We All Amplify
  6. Weehawken
  7. Hush
  8. Sky Above Mud Below