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Robert Creeley

Jagjaguwar Correspondent is proud to announce the release of a new recording of the internationally renowned poet Robert Creeley. Captured on tape at his home in Waldoboro, Maine in the summer of 2000, the poet reads a selection of new and previously uncollected poems. This marks the first occasion in which Mr. Creeley has appeared unaccompanied on a CD, his work read in all its bare and vital intimacy. His landmark importance as a modern and uncompromising voice in the 1950`s and 60`s has continued through subsequent decades with work as crucial and innovative as in those formative years. He has been a distinct and relentless documentarian of age and its changing perceptions. From the tender, inquisitive addresses of a father to his growing children to meditations on growth, memory and reality, these fifteen pieces reveal a poet in maturity. Among them is a 25-part poem in response to the paintings of Francesco Clemente. William Carlos Williams said of Creeley, "The subtlest feeling for the measure that I encounter anywhere except in the verses of Ezra Pound." Michael McClure wrote, "He is a genius of the sensorium as Kerouac was and a master of the ear as is Miles Davis." Listen and you'll know why. A 32-page booklet of text, photographs, and author's note accompanies the CD. Among his numerous books are The Collected Poems of Robert Creeley 1945-1975 (University of California Press, 1982) and Life & Death (New Directions, 1998). ʇ
  1. For Hannah's 14th Birthday
  2. For Will
  3. Wild Nights, Wild Nights
  4. Where late the sweet birds sang...
  5. En Famille
  6. Conversion to Her
  7. Clemente's Images
  8. As If
  9. Possibilities
  10. Anya
  11. Thinking
  12. When I heard the learn'd astronomer
  13. For the Phi Beta Kappa Ceremony
  14. Cambridge, Mass 1944
  15. Place To Be