Jagjaguwar | JAG341


(JAG341 released: 2019-01-31 )

Beneath The Reservoir

A year on from releasing her debut, Reservoir, in 2017, Gordi (Sophie Payton) has only just clawed her way out. With a medical degree now finished, but with some hospital rotations to complete throughout 2019 (kicking off in a psychiatric ward), Gordi has given us some majestic, acoustic re-imagingings of Reservoir to guide us gently through the next several months. Her 5-track Beneath The Reservoir EP, led by the spacious “Something Like This,” is out today. Recorded by Gordi in her Sydney living room, the EP showcases her production skills adapted from recording with some of our finest contemporary producers.

“I never thought I would get to know my own songs as a listener might. As if I am hearing them new for the first time and they sound different and I am discovering what they mean. This happens for me through touring. I’ll be playing the same song for the 100th time and suddenly I hear the same chord and same word in an entirely different way. The most unsurprising realm in which this happens, is when I’m playing a solo show. Because I have to get rid of the way the song is arranged and just play it in whatever way I possibly can using two hands and one set of vocal chords.

That is, in essence, the aim of this collection of reworked songs. To strip it all away and to give a solo performance with all its imperfections and feeling. To remember that they are all just songs. That is what I connect to as a listener and a fan of music – the songs and the feeling.” ʇ
  1. Something Like This (Acoustic)
  2. Heaven I Know (Acoustic)
  3. Aeon (Acoustic)
  4. I'm Done (Acoustic)
  5. Long Way (Acoustic)