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(JAG234 released: 2012-11-13 )

Sharon Van Etten
Tramp (Deluxe Edition)

To celebrate Sharon Van Etten's big year in support of her critically acclaimed album Tramp, Jagjaguwar is pleased to present the Tramp Deluxe Edition. It includes the album, demos for each album track, plus a bonus track demo. The physical component is a repackaging including a self-portrait and liner notes about each song taken from Van Etten's journals. Set to memorialize the comprehensive vision for one of the year's best albums, from earliest home recording to fully realized album version, the Tramp Deluxe Edition is available digitally as well as on compact disc this fall. The shimmering sound of Sharon Van Etten's Tramp both defies and illuminates the unsteadiness of a life in flux. Throughout the 14 months of scattered recording sessions, Van Etten was without a home -- crashing with friends and storing her possessions between varied locations. The only constant in Van Etten's life during this time was spent in Aaron Dessner's garage studio. A two year journey brought her to that point of instability. Upon the release of epic (Ba Da Bing; 2010), Sharon Van Etten surprised the music world with a touching embrace. Having established herself as a reliable performer around New York, and coming off the release of her spartan first effort, Because I Was In Love (Language of Stone; 2009), Van Etten created a short album of diverse songs connected by a shared goal of expanded sound and her unmistakable voice. Fans quickly picked favorites, discovered their choices changing, then changing yet again. That is the magic of epic; the intricate, understated record covered so much ground within its 33 minutes, it required more than an initial half hour to absorb. Dessner, a member of The National, heard Van Etten early on, and in collaboration with Justin Vernon, performed a cover of "Love More" at the 2010 MusicNow Festival in Cincinnati. Van Etten heard about this and contacted him. Almost immediately they formed plans to work together, with Dessner offering both a location for Van Etten to record new songs, as well as the opinions of a wise producer. Tramp showcases an artist in full control of her powers. It contains as much striking rock (the precise venom of "Serpents," the overwhelming power of "Ask"), as pious, minimal beauty (the earnest solemnity of "All I Can," the breathtaking "Kevins," "Joke or a Lie"); it can be as emotionally combative ("Give Out") as it can sultry ("Magic Chords"). Contributions from Matt Barrick (Walkmen), Thomas Bartlett (Doveman), Zach Condon (Beirut), Jenn Wasner (Wye Oak), Julianna Barwick, and Dessner himself add a glowing sheen to the already substantial offering. Van Etten has traveled far, and if her displacement took an emotional toll, she offset those setbacks with a powerfully articulated vision. And so, once again, each listener will discover their own moments along the way, and the debates as to the best song start anew. ʇ
  1. Warsaw
  2. Give Out
  3. Serpents
  4. Kevin's
  5. Leonard
  6. In Line
  7. All I Can
  8. We Are Fine
  9. Magic Chords
  10. Ask
  11. I'm Wrong
  12. Joke or a Lie
  13. Warsaw (Demo)
  14. Give Out (Demo)
  15. Serpents (Demo)
  16. Kevin's (Demo)
  17. Leonard (Demo)
  18. In Line (Demo)
  19. All I Can (Demo)
  20. We Are Fine (Demo)
  21. Magic Chords (Demo)
  22. Ask (Demo)
  23. I'm Wrong (Demo)
  24. Joke or a Lie (Demo)
  25. Tell Me (Demo)