Jagjaguwar | JAG144


(JAG144 released: 2008-11-04 )

Dead C, The
Eusa Kills / Helen Said This

This is the first in a series of DEAD C REISSUES being released collaboratively with Ba Da Bing Records. With a catalogue spanning from the subversion of traditional song structure to stomping out and obliterating the very notion, New Zealand's The Dead C (Michael Morley, Bruce Russell and Robbie Yeats) have continually made the most crushing, expansive and intelligent rock noise ever to be heard. Just a glance at their peers who are fans (Yo La Tengo, Sonic Youth, Comets On Fire, Black Dice) shows the league in which they play. Eusa Kills is The Dead C's second album from 1989, released by Flying Nun, the arbiter of the time for all that mattered in New Zealand rock. Considered by many to be their "songs" record, the band took the abstract sounds of their time -- those being created by such luminaries as Dustdevils, This Kind Of Punishment and Dadamah, and added their own dose of ominous aggression. Sneering vocals drift over improvised melodies and unstructured rock songs. One can hear the direct influence The Dead C had on Sonic Youth at the time -- mining deep into the underbelly of music to yield a truly intense and unparalleled sound. This reissue also contains a bonus record of the rare Helen Said This 12" from the same recording period. Originally released as 33rpm, this is the first vinyl reprint, and will display improved sound quality at 45rpm. (PLEASE NOTE: This Jagjaguwar/Ba Da Bing vinyl-only release, unlike other Jagjaguwar releases, is being distributed exclusively through Revolver Distribution and on the respective mail order sites of Jagjaguwar and Ba Da Bing.) ʇ
  1. ---
  2. Eusa Kills (Sides A & B, 33 RPM):
  3. Scarey Nest
  4. Call Back Your Dogs
  5. Alien To Be
  6. Phantom Power
  7. Now I Fall
  8. I Was Here
  9. Children
  10. Bumtoe
  11. Glass Hole Pit
  12. Maggot
  13. Envelopment
  14. ---
  15. Helen Said This (Sides C & D, 45 RPM):
  16. Helen Said This
  17. Bury (Refutatio Omnium Haeresium)