Jagjaguwar | JAG143


(JAG143 released: 2008-11-04 )

Dead C, The
DR503 / The Sun Stabbed EP

This is the first in a series of DEAD C REISSUES being released collaboratively with Ba Da Bing Records. With a catalogue spanning from the subversion of traditional song structure to stomping out and obliterating the very notion, New Zealand's The Dead C (Michael Morley, Bruce Russell and Robbie Yeats) have continually made the most crushing, expansive and intelligent rock noise ever to be heard. Just a glance at their peers who are fans (Yo La Tengo, Sonic Youth, Comets On Fire, Black Dice) shows the league in which they play. The Dead C's DR503, released in 1987 (and not to be confused with the releases DR503b or DR503c, which are completely different recordings), sounded like nothing before it ʇ
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  2. DR503 (Sides A&B, 33RPM):
  3. Max Harris
  4. Speed Kills
  5. The Wheel
  6. Three Years
  7. Mutterline
  8. Country
  9. I Love This
  10. Polio
  11. ---
  12. The Sun Stabbed EP (Sides C&D, 45RPM):
  13. Angel
  14. Crazy I Know
  15. Fire
  16. Bad Politics
  17. Sun Stabbed
  18. Three Years