Jagjaguwar | JAG118


(JAG118 released: 2008-08-05 )

Lord Dog Bird, The
The Lord Dog Bird

The Lord Dog Bird is the solo recording project of Colin McCann, guitarist for Jagjaguwar artists, Wilderness. While the band was on extended hiatus, McCann kept at it, documenting his feelings about life and music at home on his four track. The result is a gritty, tactile document of a time spent in self-exploration and flux. Through droning repetition and the unmistakable hiss and clip of four track cassette, a warm and engrossing atmosphere develops. These songs are buoyed by melodies that are at once sad and hopeful. The listener is immediately drawn in by their intimacy and honesty, with vocals imparting a sincerity and intensity that often borders on vulnerability. While The Lord Dog Bird draws it's influences from a distinct set of predecessors, music itself seems to be it's main inspiration; a human attempt at honoring beauty; a music to help bring about healing and to celebrate change. ʇ
  1. The Shedding Path
  2. No Security
  3. One Mind
  4. Druids
  5. Song For Woodthrush
  6. Back To Drinkwater
  7. March To The Mountain
  8. Walking (With You)
  9. The Gift Of Song In The Lion's Den