Jagjaguwar | JAG116


(JAG116 released: 2007-09-11 )

The Besnard Lakes
Casino Nanaimo

In early 2007, the Besnard Lakes released a full-length album on Jagjaguwar that quickly made it onto numerous and budding best-albums-of-the-year short-lists by a whole range of music-listening pedigree -- critics, casual and not-so-casual rock listeners, garden variety pop fans, and headphone junkies. Now, on the heels of "The Besnard Lakes Are The Dark Horse", these inspired Montrealers continue what they've started, re-stoking the flames and releasing two additional tracks, as embodied on a 12-inch vinyl single. Side A is "Casino Nanaimo", a place where repetitive sound and lights engulf addicted gamblers all vying for space on the eternal wheel of fortune. And then there is side B, "Devastation (alternate version)", the unedited and original straight-to-two-track nine-minute version, recorded live-off-the-floor at Breakglass Studios. The Besnard Lakes are Jace Lasek, Olga Goreas, Steve Raegele, Nicole Lizée, Kevin Laing and Richard White. Lasek is also known for his production work at his Breakglass Studios with the likes of Wolf Parade, Stars and Sunset Rubdown. Critical praise for "The Besnard Lakes Are The Dark Horse": "...almost every song builds to a crucial moment where the Besnards bravely step out of the shadows, and in the process, transform from being a merely good band to a great one." - PITCHFORK MEDIA "Incorporeal warmth... a sensation of other-worldy oddness...like specs of dust caught in a beam of projector light." - MOJO, giving 4 stars to "The Besnard Lakes Are The Dark Horse" "It's like a Beach Boys album when it's calm and a Queen album when it's crunchy, but all filtered through what must be one hell of a record collection..." - ALL MUSIC GUIDE ʇ
  1. Casino Nanaimo
  2. Devastation (Alternate Version)