Jagjaguwar | JAG092


(JAG092 released: 2005-10-25 )

Skygreen Leopards, The
Jehovah Surrender

The Skygreen Leopards present "Jehovah Surrender", a six song EP that documents the changing of seasons in a world of whippoorwill moans. Electric guitar howl like a farmers hound, fuzz bass stampedes, and drums trot and gallop like the finest of wild horses. Donovan & Glenn write: "Not long ago the band was visiting a friend in Port Costa, CA. After sharing a bottle of wine and enjoying the moonlight dances of his two daughters--the friend wanted to share a secret. He pulled an oversized key out of his overalls pocket and lead them out back to his shed. In the shed was an ancient drumset and a cobwebby electric guitar. The man said he knew Arlo Guthrie and that he was once in a band called "Hobo Splendor". Well thats all it took for the Skygreen's to lose their hearts and heads to a new muse. We played "All the Young Dudes" and "Hobo Jesus Blues" all night long and the daughters danced ballroom. This e.p. is inspired by the man from Hobo Splendor--get better my friend!" ʇ
  1. Jehovah I Surrender
  2. Julie-Anne, Patron of Thieves
  3. Play For The Spring
  4. Apparition of Suns (a.k.a The Ferryman's Long Arms)
  5. Let the Lion be Swallowed by the Dove
  6. I Was A Thief