Jagjaguwar | JAG084


(JAG084 released: 2005-01-18 )

Skygreen Leopards, The
Child God in the Garden of Idols

The Skygreen Leopards Present "Child God in the Garden of Idols" the companion piece to "Life & Love in Sparrow's Meadow". Using a composition method called "backward-shadowing" - involving chance, collage of script, & notation of synchronicity - Child God is a torch-guide through the dark forest of the Skygreen Leopards world. The SGL's make this note on the art of Child God: "the woodsman exists as he is: a written image; but through backwards shadowing he may become two birds at once *** a jews harp: Chance *** the Windham Circle crowd pictured with walkie-talkies: noted *** the woodsman becomes song." Child God is the chronicle of the Shadow Experience. You may hear the sound of boots on pine needles before its drowned out by poet-talk and song; the sound of strumming guitars that erupt into crippled-hand tambourine; smoke-circle bowed banjo & hobo mister mysticism; the sweet chiming birds of Eden flirting with boyish gales of half-wit words half-masticated in the teeth-mind; Glenn & Donovan trying to make the shaky knees stiffen enough to dance. SO MUCH IS HUMORED, IN LOVE - is the motto. Limited edition. Enjoy. ʇ
  1. parasols thro' the moors
  2. butterfly dance
  3. hill-dwelling bride
  4. the orchard daughter
  5. christ-child dances
  6. hobo sparrow's dream
  7. woodsman's dance
  8. parallel shadows (part II) / mad lion (part VII)
  9. child god