Jagjaguwar | JAG082


(JAG082 released: 2005-02-01 )

Skygreen Leopards, The
Life and Love In Sparrow's Meadow

With Life & Love in Sparrow's Meadow, The Skygreen Leopards expand on their strange pastoral folk-pop and enter center stage as one of the most unique voices in the new folk movement. The Skygreen Leopards are Donovan Quinn (Verdure) and Glenn Donaldson (Thuja, Blithe Sons, Franciscan Hobbies, Birdtree, Ivytree, etc.). Formed in 2001, Quinn and Donaldson met while responding to a cryptic ad in the paper looking for Lumberjack players (little wooden dancing men you play on a board for percussion and visual interest). After being bested by an Appalachian man, Donovan and Glenn began studying the stars together where Glenn, while tracing his finger along Orion, said, "Donovan, we are the Skygreen Leopards", and so they were. The Skygreen Leopards originate from the Bay Area-based Jewelled Antler forest of bands. Donaldson co-founded the Jewelled Antler label in 1999, which has since released over 25 CD-R's ranging from straight field recordings & outdoor improv-folk to noise & fractured pop music. The Skygreen Leopards are without a doubt the most structured and accessible of these projects. Much of the Jewelled Antler music is recorded live outdoors on mini-discs & boomboxes while the Skygreen Leopards primarily focus on a surreal form of multi-layered folk-pop recorded on an old reel-to-reel housed in a moldy trailer on the back of a horse ranch. 12-string guitars, banjos, dulcimers, Jew's harps, organs, maracas, mandolins, harmonicas, ocarinas & reed flutes harmonize with the field-recorded songs of birds, barnyard animals & insects. This hedge of sounds is the backdrop for Quinn & Donaldson's mythological rants & hazy melodies. With Life & Love in Sparrow's Meadow, their Jagjaguwar CD/LP full-length debut, and its limited handmade companion piece Child God in the Garden of Idols on 12-inch vinyl, the Skygreen Leopards are placed in company with other grand psychedelic luminaries on Jagjaguwar such as: Oneida, Richard Youngs, and Nagisa Ni te. The Skygreen Leopards are also part of the new generation of artists at Jagjaguwar; joining a brilliant assemblage of developing talent such as Minus Story, The Pink Mountaintops, and Black Mountain. The Green Piper says: "After completing work on One Thousand Bird Ceremony the Skygreen Leopards retired to a rented beachfront cabin in the Redwoods (simply named Sparrow). Armed with a faded Grateful Dead fakebook, memories of campfire ballads, and the address to a local hoodoo priestess; the Leopards wrote Life & Love in Sparrow's Meadow & its companion work Child God in the Garden of Idols. This new flock of songs reflects the Leopards growing obsession with the thought-memories of the child pop-folk-psych-anything fan of Eternity. As they played their plastic harps through the Wasteland of America's bars & saw the glow in the beery eyes of hungry listeners, they sensed the need for respite in Sound. With a vision of pure rippling sunlight (as harvested through the perfumed silvery leaves of eucalyptus boughs) burning their eyes, these albums blossomed into what could be undoubtedly the Skygreen Leopards finest work this far. Mother the Sun makes me Cry" ʇ
  1. mother the sun makes me cry
  2. belle of the woodsman's autumn ball
  3. egyptian rosemarie
  4. clouds through sparrows eyes
  5. tents along the water
  6. careless gardeners (of eden)/ sparrows of eden (eden fading)/ drunken gardeners dance (paradise lost sweetly)
  7. come down off your mountain, moses
  8. minotaur (burn a candle for love)
  9. labyrinth windows
  10. the supplication of fireflies
  11. a child adrift