Jagjaguwar | JAG078


(JAG078 released: 2008-04-08 )

Monroe Mustang
Monroe Mustang, The Imaginary Band, Regretfully Declines

After Countless Fortnights of Recording at a Glacial Pace Songs as Timeless Today as They Were in the Century Past Alchemical Sounds Drawn Out by Force of Will Plain Sweeping Themes for the Unprepared ... Monroe Mustang, The Imaginary Band, Regretfully Declines From Norman, Oklahoma, via Austin, Texas, Monroe Mustang takes a long time to do anything. Their new album, Monroe Mustang, The Imaginary Band, Regretfully Declines, is the product of home recording sessions spanning more than a decade. The material, recorded onto sticky tape and rust, then converted into ones and zeroes, has been reworked, lost, found, and duct-taped back together to intoxicating effect. The layers of grit and grime add a hazy dreamlike quality to timeless songs with the strange familiarity of a lost recording from a band that time forgot. All five members, Brian Barry, Taylor Holland, Christopher Linnen, Michael Linnen, and Jason Stout, share singing and songwriting duties while rotating instruments -- both onstage and in their home studio. It's been said that if you were to gun down two or three members of the band ʇ
  1. The Other Side
  2. Fenced In
  3. Found Out
  4. Dispersion of Will
  5. Universe
  6. Calling for Kings
  7. Marie Antoinette
  8. R.O.W.
  9. Stars and Flags
  10. Up With the Sun
  11. Vest
  12. Waiting
  13. Consequence