Jagjaguwar | JAG074


(JAG074 released: 2004-11-02 )

Okkervil River
Sleep and Wake-Up Songs

Sleep and Wake-Up Songs Sleep and Wake-Up Songs is now being rereleased for Record Store Day, its first time pressed ever on vinyl, with two new, never released songs. The EP reveals Okkervil River in-between the monumental albums Down The River of Golden Dreams and Black Sheep Boy. Band leader Will Sheff looked back to this EP, remarking, "I can hear in it somebody who is actually getting comfortable with singing, with playing the guitar, with letting music happen naturally." On the re-issue, Sheff, remarked, "In 2004 CDs were still the dominant playback format, but I always pictured Sleep and Wake-Up Songs as a vinyl EP, so I was excited when Jagjaguwar recommended giving it a proper vinyl release. I went through my old notes from the time and wrote up a little (actually not that little) account of the recording of the EP and my memories of that time in the band's history, and we went through the art and audio to make sure the whole piece transitioned well into vinyl. I also added a couple of tracks to round out side B. One is an early unfinished sketch of one of the songs ("You're Untied Again") and the other is an old blues cover ("Knocking Myself Out") I recorded somewhere on the road during that time." Reflecting about the title, Sheff recalled "there's something about your mind that's especially flexible when it's in that weird half-asleep/half-awake phase ʇ
  1. A Favor
  2. You're Untied Again
  3. And I Have Seen the World of Dreams
  4. Just Give Me Time
  5. No Hidden Track
  6. You're Untied Again [Solo Sketch]
  7. Knocking Myself Out [Home Recording]