Jagjaguwar | JAG001


(JAG001 released: 1996-07-01 )

Curious Digit, The
Bombay Aloo

Rob Sheffield (Details, Rolling Stone) put it best when he wrote, "BOMBAY ALOO is a playfully bizarre avant-pop racket with guitar fuzz, cheapo synths, video-game noises, and songs to take your breath away... If a junk shop could hum, it would sound like the Digit." By the time the Curious Digit had gotten around to recording HESSIAN HILLS, they had become "adept impressionists" creating a few sweeping portraits of sonic, artistic and emotional paralysis. The songs throughout Hessian Hills flirt with country and the subtler side of epic rock, with sentimental noise and the vestiges of gamelan -- there is a good balance between the traditional and the unconventional, between tension and release. And the words and melodies are memorable, almost infectious, yet disarming. Currently, the principal songwriter for the Curious Digit, Adam Busch, is carrying on as the prime mover behind Manishevitz, and keyboardist Parker Paul Wilkinson is performing solo as a piano/vocalist. ʇ
  1. Pilots on the Sun
  2. Eyesneck
  3. Question One
  4. Trailer Parks
  5. Sundowner Captain
  6. Lester Mountain Road
  7. Communicative Dynamism
  8. Youngblood City
  9. Ollie Does is Lie
  10. This Hotel