Much To Be Grateful ForThank You and Happy New Year


“Some life feels good now, don’t it.” – Bon Iver from “RABi”

EPIC. It’s really the only word to describe the year that Jagjaguwar has had. How grateful and blessed we are to be able to work with such elite artists. So many of our releases this year ended up being landmark statements from Americas’ greatest songwriters. It’s been an honor to work with such incredible artists and have the ability to release their beautiful records. Here are some highlights of the love we have received this year. Thank you and happy new year.


Angel Olsen

“These songs are portraits of heartbreak, triumph, and love that could have been penned fifty years ago, yesterday, or a century from now. So despite its electronic flourishes, All Mirrors feels simultaneously of the moment and firmly embedded in the American songbook.” – John Coyle, Flood


Black Mountain

“It’s always an interesting journey to take a Black Mountain trip. The thickness of various sounds presented in the band’s music is something that takes many listens to sift through and process. There are nuances there, tiny things to discover, tiny things that are painstakingly placed, thus deserving of attention once found. Destroyer, Black Mountain’s fifth full-length album, is no different in terms of the experience’s magnitude, though there is certainly new ground within.” – Brian Swartzfager, Slugmag


Bon Iver

“Variation can be a death knell for artists, signaling indecision or lack of focus. But Bon Iver’s decade-plus of experimentation allows him to seamlessly combine incongruous textures and moods. And at the center lies his pliant voice, which explodes in bursts of cascading harmony before dropping down to a near-whisper to utter simple but gut-wrenching confessions: ‘I like you,’ he sings, ‘and that ain’t nothing new.’” – Andrew Chow, Time


Jamila Woods

“Following up her heavyweight solo debut, the 2016 HEAVN, the Chicago poet-educator-activist raises the stakes with nothing less than a mini-history of iconoclastic artists who carved their own path in the face of racial oppression and cultural stereotyping. While paying tribute to inspirations ranging from Octavia Butler to Sun Ra, Woods tucks fierceness and empathy inside an expansive soundtrack that blends hip-hop, gospel, jazz and soul, wisdom and protest.” – Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune


Sharon Van Etten

“Sharon Van Etten’s fifth album presents her richest emotional palette yet, a record that is delightfully varied but tied together by the force of the musician’s talent. At times its subtly hypnotic, at others brilliantly brash, poppy and direct – Van Etten casts the same shadowy spell over it all. A towering achievement.” – Patrick Clarke, The Quietus


Tim Heidecker

“With plush production from Foxygen’s Jonathan Rado, this ’70s styled bummer mixtape cycles through country-rock, glam, and lost Kinks classics. His lyrics may not be rooted in reality, but ever the polymath, Heidecker runs with the ball to assemble another affecting collection of songs.” – Aquarium Drunkard