Gordi’s “Heaven I Know” VideoWatch the Emotional Whirlwind

Gordi’s epic, elegant single “Heaven I Know” now has an epic, elegant visual companion to match. The emotional whirlwind that is the “Heaven I Know” video was directed by James Soldan and features an impassioned performance from Sophie Peyton (AKA the pumping heart of all things Gordi). What begins as a formal, domesticated scene soon develops into a sweeping, violent squall.

The song is our first taste of her debut Reservoir, an album with as many daring production decisions as it does moments of pure pop bliss. As an opening statement, Reservoir is a compelling listen that challenges textural limitations and explores leftfield rhythms, but crucially, at its very heart is melody in abundance.

Gordi is playing all over the world in support of Reservoir. Her voice is a must-see spectacle. You have no excuse to miss it.

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