“Daddy Long Legs” Another Curious Character Study From Midnight Sister

A strange cast of characters lurks throughout Midnight Sister’s debut Saturn Over Sunset. Loosely based on real friends and faces, the many characters were conjured by Midnight Sister’s Juliana Giraffe as she gazed out a retail window on — you guessed it —Sunset Boulevard. “Daddy Long Legs,” the mysterious, eponymous man who lives in the band’s latest song, seems to be engaged in seedy backlot dealings with his female partner in crime and romance — but one just can’t be sure. Bouncy, Supertramp-nodding keys keep the pace rollicking while Giraffe impassively croons and a mellotron creeps like a fog. In keeping with the cinematic theme of Saturn Over Sunset, Juliana designed an original movie poster to accompany the release of “Daddy Long Legs.” Juliana and her sister Nicky Giraffe have directed Midnight Sister’s videos for previous singles “Leave You” and “Blue Cigar”, and have a couple more in the works for Midnight Sister via their Giraffe Studios, a imagination-emporium-all-inclusive-creative-studio run by two Giraffes. They’re open for business and will make your next art/fashion/video project your finest work by bringing to it their curious touch.

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