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  4. Absolute II
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Absolute II is the final piece in Oneida's Thank Your Parents triptych of releases, begun in 2008 with Preteen Weaponry and followed by 2009's acclaimed triple disc Rated O. With this release, the Brooklyn group concludes a challenging and profound long-term project. The Thank Your Parents triptych, totaling around 200 minutes, is intended to be listened to as a whole or in its component parts. Absolute II stands on its own, in addition to serving as a chapter in an immense whole.

The music on Absolute II is startling, rigorous and demanding. Oneida is a band that has been strongly identified with the frenetic, fluid drumming of Kid Millions and the relentless pulse of classic Krautrock, but this release contains neither audible drums nor identifiable "rock" music. The recordings move freely across accepted boundaries of rhythm, harmony, and tonality – not in the form of dramatic, willful experiment, but as a musical distillation of several themes that have emerged in the wake of Rated O's dynamism: paralysis, entropy, stasis, possibility, and finality among them.

While Oneida is known for unpredictability and sui generis musical forms, this release is particularly resistant to categorization, and it remains difficult to identify precise influences on the music contained here. This is particularly unhelpful, we realize; suggestions and recommendations for updating this info release would be welcome, as the band themselves don't really know or are being recalcitrant.

Some useful facts:

Absolute II was recorded entirely at the Ocropolis, the group's Brooklyn waterfront studio. Members of Oneida for the entire Thank Your Parents triptych have been Kid Millions, Bobby Matador, Hanoi Jane, Showtime and Barry "Snaps" London.

Oneida has in the past few years mounted long-form improvisatory audio-visual performance installations (under the billing "Oneida presents the Ocropolis"), at All Tomorrow's Parties and in their own studio space. These events have consisted of multi-set performances and/or extended single performances (with those at ATP reaching 11 hours of continuous improvised music).

Kid Millions has composed, performed and released his own group percussion compositions under the name Man Forever; served as a drum leader for Boadrum 77 and 88; performed and recorded with White Hills and Ex Models.

Group member Showtime, known to his family as Shahin Motia, is a founder and member of Ex Models and Knyfe Hyts.

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