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ODAWAS Featured On KEXP’s Live From San Francisco Broadcast

Last week, the good people at Seattle’s KEXP made a San Francisco field trip to feature performances and interviews from some of the Bay Area’s finest artists. And Jagjaguwar’s recent Berkeley-via-Chicago transplant ODAWAS were selected to bring their synth spirituals to the KEXP airwaves. The band premiered the live incarnations of two songs from the soon-to-be released THE BLUE DEPTHS, while also dipping deep into its catalogue.

In KEXP’s Live in San Francisco blog, the following kind words were written about Odawas’ performance: “With his guitar speaking heartbreaking volumes of emotion before he even whispers a sound, singer Michael Tapscott is a double headed snake, a precise weapon in two forms. Whereas his guitar is gentle and cautious his voice is chilling and brave. Isaac Edwards is a wizard of electronic sound, presiding over vintage keyboards and eerie waves of movement that wash from one edge of the song into the next leaving the listener feeling refreshed and alive…Stumbling into the opening months of 2009 the Odawas represent the best of what a new year can provide us with: inspiration, hope and joy.”

By going to and entering the time (11 a.m.) and day (Jan. 30) of the program, listeners can enjoy Odawas’ performance and interview for the next couple of weeks.

ODAWAS Announces The Release Of The Blue Depths

On ODAWAS’ third Jagjaguwar release “The Blue Depths,” due Feb. 17 (Feb. 16 in the UK), the Berkeley, CA-via-Chicago band makes a warmer, more sensual turn in sound – leaning heavier on its cinematic influences. Recorded during one of the worst Chicago winters in three decades, the mood of the album seems to foretell of Odawas’ recent relocation to Berkeley’s more lush, coastal environment. It’s as if the band warmed itself with blankets of synth and soft, bionic heartbeats.

At first glimpse of the album art – details from Helen Maurene Cooper’s Birds Of Appetite series – it becomes apparent that a certain surreal quality will mark the contents within The Blue Depths. A sense of longing and desire is buried within the dizzying layers. Odawas heighten the more subtle components of previous efforts, unashamedly giving into their love of Vangelis’ romanticism, Eric Serra’s dusky mysticism, and the sweeping, Southwestern strings of Jack Nitzsche. They demonstrate their mastery of nudging to the edge of the over the top with enchanting results.

The Blue Depths is an album for warmer places, a balmy haze habitat for headphone meanderings. This is a dream world where Neil Young and Jimmy Webb float in the reverb-saturated summer breeze. The solemn harmonies of “Moonlight/Twilight” drift between sheets of stirring bowed bass murmur as shimmering guitar notes ebb and flow underneath. Bursts of yearning harmonica arc over ethereal soundscapes in “The Case Of The Great Irish Elk.” The jubilant piano of “Harmless Lover’s Discourse” gives way to the most startling pop moment of the album, a soaring bed of synth propelled by a driving bass line and vibrant rhythms.

Pulses of light extend towards the murky crevasse of the subconscious: these depths never looked so enticing. – Joel Beeman

A free MP3 download of “Harmless Lover’s Discourse” can be obtained HERE.

My Old Kentucky Blog recently featured “The Blue Depths” in its Under the Radar section, stating that with the new album Odawas has “created some of the most beautiful music you’re likely to hear all year.” MOKB featured “Harmless Lover’s Discourse,” as well as a 2007 demo of lead track “The Case of the Great Irish Elk.” See what MOKB had to say about the record HERE

In the weeks surrounding the release, Odawas will perform at San Francisiso’s Noise Pop Festival, and appear on Seattle’s KEXP for a remote broadcast performance and interview.


The Case of the Great Irish Elk
Swan Song for the Humpback
Our Gentle Life Together
The Sound of Lies
Secrets of the Fall
Harmless Lover’s Discourse
Boy in the Yard

ODAWAS offer free new song for the holidays!

The Odawas have had a busy year since the release of their masterful second album “Raven and The White Night” in March. Brad Cash has moved away from the active Odawas ranks, moving to North Carolina. Michael Tapscott and Isaac Edwards moved from their home in Indianapolis to Chicago, continuing their northern migration that started in the land of the Jagjaguwars, Bloomington, Indiana. And now they bring you a Christmas offering.

There are plenty of Christmas tunes out there that celebrate the holiday spirit, with sleigh bells, pristine white snow, and lots of jolly characters. However, for all of you feeling the Christmas blues, the Odawas bring you “I Tell Lies (Odawas Remix)”. Originally crafted for frontman Michael Tapscott’s side project More Animals Of The Arctic (which Tapscott lovingly refers to as “the Parliament to the Odawas’ Funkadelic”), “I Tell Lies” has been lovingly recrafted with a new mix by Isaac Edwards and a new vocal track from Mr. Tapscott. Enjoy!

“I Tell Lies (Odawas Remix)”

Texas Girls and Jesus Christ by Trevor Sensor
The Motorway by The Besnard Lakes
Golden Lion by The Besnard Lakes
Boys Life by Small Black
No One Wants It To Happen To You by Small Black
Back At Belle's by Small Black
Words by Sharon Van Etten
Druganaut by Black Mountain
Black Mountain (Demo) by Black Mountain
Surrender by Briana Marela

Mothers of the Sun by Black Mountain

Texas Girls and Jesus Christ by Trevor Sensor

The Plain Moon by Besnard Lakes, The

Necessary Evil by Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Black Mountain
CD / 2xLP

Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Birmingham, AL - Saturn  w/ Lower Dens

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