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LADYHAWK appear in documentary about Silkworm

Ladyhawk make an appearance in a documentary about Silkworm called Couldn’t You Wait? The Story Of Silkworm. Check out the trailer:

LADYHAWK documentary to be released

“Let me Be Fictional”, a documentary about LADYHAWK is hitting the festival circuit and will be released later this year.

In “Let Me Be Fictional”, Vancouver based indie-rock band, Ladyhawk, face their past, uniquely deal with society’s view of what makes a functioning adult and consume vast quantities of sangria during the process of recording their second album Shots.

Ladyhawk are four guys ranging from 25 to 29 years that formed as a band in 2003. Although they formed in Vancouver, all four grew up in the same rural city in British Columbia. For their sophomore album, the band decide to return to their hometown of Kelowna and rent an old gutted farmhouse as the site of the recordings. The unique space is an escape from their everyday lives and adds to the atmospheric tone of their songs. Plus, because there is no running water, the band must use a bucket as a urinal.

During the 10 days in Kelowna, they reflect on their past which informs their future, they encounter people they grew up with, they enjoy themselves at a Pride Tiger concert, and they allows themselves the luxury of concentrating on their music.

While returning to Vancouver to complete the record, their touring van, full with instruments, flips over in the snowstorm. They all survive without injury, finish the record in a hurried 2 days, and begin a 6 week tour that ends in a picturesque seaside town.

A Trailer for the film can be found here
and here

About the filmmakers:

Mona Mok
Mona is a Vancouver-based filmmaker and graduate of Vancouver Film School’s Sound Design Program. Besides completing audio post-production on 6 short films and 4 documentary trailers, she has also produced, written, directed and taken cinematography duties on ‘Departures’, her first short film. Her involvement in the Ladyhawk documentary include directing, producing, second camera, editing, and audio post-production supervision.

Rob Leickner
As Co-Founder and recording engineer of one of the most significant indie rock recording studios in Vancouver (, Rob got his start in the entertainment business through The Hive recording studio where he saw this bedroom studio grow into a 3,000 square foot complex.
After achieving success in that medium Rob felt his creative output pulled to the world of film. He immersed himself in cinema and redirected the passion that drove his commitment to The Hive into another medium: independent filmmaking. Since 2002, Rob has written 3 feature scripts, produced and directed 4 short dramatic films, is in development on a documentary with veteran documentary producer and director David Vaisbord, and has embarked on his own independent documentary about Ladyhawk. Rob is glad to be working in a venue that allows him to let his true creative voice be heard.

“There is an intense sense of melancholy surrounding the music of Ladyhawk-despite the fact that they turn out jam after jam, and clearly love to party, their songs are what happens because of, and as a reflection of that.” – FADER

Ladyhawk’s new album “Shots” will be released on March 4th!

MP3 for “I Don’t Always Know What You’re Saying”

Tour Dates:

03/19/08 Hamilton, ON – Casbah w/ Immaculate Machine
03/20/08 Montreal, QC – Le Divan Orange w/ Immaculate Machine
03/21/08 Ottawa, ON – Zaphod Beeblebrox w/ Immaculate Machine
03/22/08 Toronto, ON – Horseshoe Tavern w/ Immaculate Machine + Flash Lightnin + Arkells
03/27/08 Winnipeg, MB – Pyramid Cabaret w/ Black Mountain
03/28/08 Regina, SK – The Distrikt w/ Black Mountain
03/29/08 Saskatoon, SK – Amigo’s w/ Black Mountain
03/31/08 Edmonton, AB – Starlite Room w/ Black Mountain
04/01/08 Calgary, AB – The Warehouse w/ Black Mountain
04/02/08 Kelowna, BC – The Habitat w/ Black Mountain
04/05/08 Vancouver, BC – Commodore Ballroom w/ Black Mountain

LADYHAWK Announce New Album, Offer Sneak Peak

For those of you who enjoy your rock’n’roll soaked in alcohol, we have good news. Come March 4th, 2008 (UK release April 7th), LADYHAWK will release a new full length titled “Shots”.

With a full length and 12″ under their belt, Ladyhawk took up residence in an abandoned farm house behind the shopping mall in the band’s childhood hometown of Kelowna, British Columbia, armed only with recording gear, sangria and a piss pot. Two weeks later “Shots” was born. It is an album filled with the cold creaking and ghostly echoes of the old house in the dead of winter. Like a party for the last house standing in a sea of strip malls and condos, surely near the end of its time. “Shots” is the sound of Ladyhawk getting loose, turning up loud, downing a few more and howling at the moon. It evokes the devilish sounds of Goats Head Soup guitars, the honey-slides and howling of Neil Young in his darkest hours, and the phantoms that haunted Roky Erickson at the Holiday Inn.

Experts at bottling the misty mountain ghostly blues offered on their self titled debut, it should be clear, this is not classic rock; this is not southern rock. “Shots” is a step forward toward someplace your compass doesn’t point.

A sneak peak of the album is being offered by our friends at Fader Magazine. You can hear the track “I Don’t Always Know What You’re Saying” here

LADYHAWK tour-dates:

03/18/08 London, ON – Salt Lounge
03/19/08 Hamilton, ON – Casbah
03/20/08 Montreal, PQ – Le Divan Orange
03/21/08 Ottowa, ON – Zaphod Beeblebrox
03/22/08 Toronto, ON – Horseshoe Tavern
03/27/08 Winnipeg, MB – Pyramid Cabaret w/ Black Mountain
03/28/08 Regina, SK – The Distrikt w/ Black Mountain
03/29/08 Saskatoon, SK – Amigo’s w/ Black Mountain
03/31/08 Edmonton, AB – Starlite Room w/ Black Mountain
04/01/08 Calgary, AB – The Warehouse w/ Black Mountain
04/02/08 Kelowa, BC – The Habitat
04/05/08 Vancouver, BC – Commodore Ballroom w/ Black Mountain

American tour dates, as well as other cool goodies to be announced soon. Stay tuned.

New PARTS & LABOR and LADYHAWK releases now available for pre-order

These 2 fab new release for May are now available for pre-order at SC Distribution:

Parts & Labor – Mapmaker cd/lp

Mapmaker is the second Jagjaguwar/Brah album from Brooklyn noisepunks Parts & Labor. Expanding on the soaring melodies and cracked electronics of 2006’s Stay Afraid, P&L explores a wider array of berserk, malfunctioning instruments and intricate, pummeling rhythms. These 12 political/personal anthems about ambition and distraction boast bigger choruses, denser drones and shinier hooks.

Ladyhawk – Fight For Anarchy 12″

Ladyhawk entered a recording studio for a day-long session between tours in the first half of 2006. Perhaps they then soared too close to the sun, like moths drawn into the flame, only to fly again into the shadows, their wings singed. And then maybe, gathering their burned and broken instruments about them, they limped their way home, rearranging the pieces and sounds haphazardly, letting them all lay as they fell.

The end result is the sound of four brothers breaking something down to create something new, reaching into the fire again. It is a shattering 6-song march called Fight For Anarchy, all unmuzzled and jawing out, nothing edited or expunged. And on it Ladyhawk show that, like Spoon, Dinosaur Jr. or Tom Waits, they have the ability to conjure growls, snarls, and storms of sound into musical lightning, never striking the same place twice.


LADYHAWK Releases single; Prepares New Album; Tours U.S. and Canada

Following a series of triumphant performances at SXSW, the guys in Vancouver’s LADYHAWK are taking their incendiary live show on the road. The first leg of the tour finds them teaming up with Constantines for some pure rock ‘n’ roll nights throughout Central and Western Canada. Soon after the completion of the Cons/’Hawk extravaganza, Ladyhawk hooks up with Tapes N’ Tapes to cut a swathe across the U.S.

While fans of Ladyhawk’s debut will be pleased to know those songs still form the crux of Ladyhawk’s performance, what makes these shows so exciting is that it’s a chance to hear songs from the band’s upcoming (release date: May 22) six-song EP, “Fight For Anarchy”, as well as from their as yet unnamed second album. Due out in spring 2008, the new disc was recorded by Colin Stewart (Black Mountain, Pink Mountaintops, Lightning Dust, etc). It may seem like a long way off, but time flies and excitement’s in the air.

You can hear “War” the single from Ladyhawk’s upcoming “Fight For Anarchy” EP right here:

Ladyhawk Tourdates:
04/03/07 Winnipeg, MB – Pyramid Cabaret w/ The Constantines
04/04/07 Regina, Saskatchewan – The Exchange w/ The Constantines
04/05/07 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan – Louis’ Pub w/ The Constantines
04/06/07 Edmonton, Alberta – The Starlite Room w/ The Constantines
04/07/07 Calgary, Alberta – The Hi-Fi Club w/ The Constantines
04/08/07 Calgary, Alberta – The Hi-Fi Club w/ The Constantines
04/09/07 Canmore, Alberta – Canmore Hotel w/ The Constantines
04/12/07 Vancouver, British Columbia – The Plaza Club w/ The Constantines
04/13/07 Victoria, British Columbia – Sugar Nightclub w/ The Constantines
04/14/07 Tofino, British Columbia – The Legion w/ The Constantines
05/02/07 San Francisco, CA – Great American Music Hall w/ Tapes N’ Tapes
05/04/07 Portland, OR – Dante’s w/ Tapes N’ Tapes
05/05/07 Seattle, WA – Neumo’s Crystal Ballroom w/ Tapes N’ Tapes
05/06/07 Vancouver, British Columbia – Plaza Club w/ Tapes N’ Tapes
05/09/07 Denver, CO – Bluebird Theatre w/ Tapes N’ Tapes
05/10/07 Omaha, NE – Sokol Underground w/ Tapes N’ Tapes
05/11/07 Des Moines, IA – Vaudeville Mews w/ Tapes N’ Tapes
05/12/07 Chicago, IL – Abbey Pub w/ Tapes N’ Tapes
05/14/07 Ottawa, Ontario – Barrymore’s w/ Tapes N’ Tapes
05/15/07 Montreal, Quebec – Le National w/ Tapes N’ Tapes
05/16/07 Toronto, Ontario – Lee’s Palace w/ Tapes N’ Tapes
05/17/07 Buffalo, NY – Mohawk Place w/ Tapes N’ Tapes
05/18/07 New York, NY – Irving Plaza w/ Tapes N’ Tapes
05/19/07 Boston, MA – Paradise Rock Club w/ Tapes N’ Tapes
05/22/07 Cleveland, OH – Grog Shop w/ Tapes N’ Tapes
05/23/07 Columbus, OH – The Basement w/ Tapes N’ Tapes
05/24/07 Newport, KY – Southgate House w/ Tapes N’ Tapes

The Motorway by The Besnard Lakes
Golden Lion by The Besnard Lakes
Boys Life by Small Black
No One Wants It To Happen To You by Small Black
Back At Belle's by Small Black
Words by Sharon Van Etten
Druganaut by Black Mountain
Black Mountain (Demo) by Black Mountain
Surrender by Briana Marela
I Don't Want to Let You Down by Sharon Van Etten
Just Like Blood by Sharon Van Etten

The Plain Moon by Besnard Lakes, The

Necessary Evil by Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Dani by Briana Marela

Black Mountain
CD / 2xLP

Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Houston, TX - Numbers Nightclub  w/ Lower Dens

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