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SUNSET RUBDOWN Offers Pre-Order With Benefits, Plots Coast-to-Coast Summer Tour

The wait is finally over for fans of Sunset Rubdown: starting today, May 20th, Jagjgauwar is offering the upcoming record, Dragonslayer, for pre-order. All pre-orders will be sent a digital download starting tomorrow, May 21st. This download comes more than a month in advance of the June 23rd (22nd in the UK) release date to record stores and online retailers. Click HERE to pre-order Dragonslayer.

No other Jagjaguwar band has fans like Sunset Rubdown. They organize forums, facebook pages, and comment all over blogs shouting the praises of Spencer Krug and his band. After we released the mp3 for the first single from Dragonslayer, “Idiot Heart”, we were most impressed by the fan criticism online. Some of our favorites:

“I am literally shitting my pants with excitement. Be glad you’re not here.” – Armyofwires, Stereogum

“Spencer has matured as a songwriter. For the “fans of Sunset Rubdown’s first record [who] might be a little confused/let down,” why don’t you STFU, because as great as the early stuff was, he’s not going back. Shut up and listen.” – IA, You Ain’t No Picasso

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes and did I say yes? How about hell yes?! You can really hear the “live” vibe that Spencer is talking about going for in the new album. I can’t believe he is dissatisfied with RSL though, it is a freaking masterpiece! Can’t wait to hear the rest!” – Kelly, Oceans Never Listen

Sunset Rubdown will hit both coasts and drive-over states this summer. Go HERE to see the full list of dates.

SUNSET RUBDOWN Provide First Aural Peak Into New Album, Announce North American Tour Dates, Embark On European Tour

The first aural peek into SUNSET RUBDOWN’s new album, Dragonslayer, is the dynamic “Idiot Heart”. It is now available for download and posting. Dragonslayer, their most cohesive and natural sounding album to date, will be released by Jagjaguwar on June 23rd (June 22nd in the U.K.).

Give “Idiot Heart” a listen HERE.

The band’s European tour begins tomorrow night in Paris and will carry through the end of April. Shortly after they will embark on a full US tour in support of Dragonslayer.

For a full list of Sunset Rubdown dates, head HERE.

SUNSET RUBDOWN Ready Dragonslayer For June 23 Release

SUNSET RUBDOWN was once the moniker under which Spencer Krug released low fidelity solo recordings. The project has long since evolved into a full band, and Dragonslayer is the third full-length recorded by the whole group.

Dragonslayer was recorded in the fall of 2008. Sunset Rubdown hope that the true strength of this new album is a hidden complexity that emerges slowly from within the straight production and raw musicianship, and from what sounds at first to be an only slightly skewed approach to pop. They hope it’s like that one friend of yours who looks unassuming and normal, but once you get to know him it’s obvious he’s basically crazy.

Sunset Rubdown embark shortly on a brief European tour. To see a complete listing of live dates, go HERE.

Multi-Love by Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Neverending Fountain (alt. version) by S. Carey
Bullet Proof.. I Wish I Was by S. Carey
Forgiven/Forgotten by Angel Olsen
May As Well (Bonus Track) by Angel Olsen
Continental Shelf by Viet Cong
Silhouettes by Viet Cong
How Can You Really by Foxygen
Cosmic Vibrations by Foxygen
Forever Dilating Eye by Sinoia Caves
Thousand Eyes by Lia Ices

Neverending Fountain by S. Carey

Silhouettes by Viet Cong

Continental Shelf by Viet Cong

Windows by Angel Olsen

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