Oneida Presents The Ocropolis At Godspeed You! Black Emperor ATP

oneidamikewattchriscorsanoHanoi Jane, Showtime, Chris Corsano, Mike Watt, Kid Millions (obscured), Bobby Matador, Barry ‘Snaps’ London

At 9.30am on Saturday December 4, the five members of Oneida, their Secret Project Robot visuals crew, stage manager Kyle Hepp and Jagjaguwar’s UK publicist/merch monkey entered the Crazy Horse venue at Butlins Holiday Centre in Minehead to set up the second Oneida Presents The Ocropolis at All Tomorrow’s Parties.

The first took place in September 2009 at the New York ATP curated by The Flaming Lips; this time the O’s gracious hosts were Godspeed You! Black Emperor. For a full explanation, please see the festival’s official billing and programme notes. In shorthand: that’s a continuous 10 hour jam, folks! Aided by assorted musical guests, SPR’s killer light show and gear borrowed off Portishead (thank you Mr Barrow and the staff of ATP).

The following ‘tweetline’ (all timings approximate) describes the action, compiled from various twitter updates.  All that and video of the performance after the jump!

10.30am @chunklet Oneida is performing for ten hrs straight this afternoon at ATP. How can we/they endure?

11.15 am @jagjaguwar getting busy with scissors and flame retardant sheets, helping decorate Oneida’s mobile Ocropolis #atp

2pm @atpfestival The Ocropolis presented by Oneida has now started in the Crazy Horse. They play until midnight.

2.15pm @reginaldgaye #ATP Oneida guest schedule.

3pm @atpfestival Members of Deerhoof now joining Oneida on stage in the Crazy Horse

3.30pm @danielguntrip Crazy Horse today has 10hrs of Oneida jamming and then four hours of breakcore. Probably still better for the staff than the bingo guy #ATP

3.45pm @CitizenMeh Oneida + Deerhoof’s Greg Saunier has improved my day immensely #atp

4pm @jagjaguwar @atpfestival Plasma Expander has joined Oneida at The Ocropolis #atp

4.15pm @JudeClarke This is quite lovely. I could sit here for the rest of the day #oneida #ocropolis #ATP

5.30pm @maroonedmarla Photo: Oneida ~ 3rd of a 10h set #ATP

6pm @jagjaguwar @atpfestival Mauro from Godspeed You! Black Emperor is jamming with Oneida at The Ocropolis #atp

6.30pm @chrisfifo Oneida during hour 4 of 10. Now watching Scout Niblet. #ATP

6.45pm @jagjaguwar @atpfestival Oneida are laying down a next level version of The Human Factor #atp, The Dead C have entered The Ocropolis…

7.30pm @jagjaguwar @atpfestivall Bruce and Robbie from The Dead C took it way out with Oneida, next Ocropolis guest is Chris Corsano… #atp ruling, as ever!

8pm @jagjaguwar @atpfestival Chris Corsano in epic drum off with Oneida’s king of the skins Kid Millions, next Ocropolis #atp guest is the godlike Mike Watt

8.15pm @jcoglan 6hrs into 10hr Oneida set at #atp. Drummer is a fucking machine.

8.45pm @MikeWinship Dead C/Chris Corsano/Mike Watt Ocropolis jam definitely my highlight of the day so far #ATP

9pm @nothingatallnet Tristan be dancing around like a loon at #atp to oneida

9.15pm @Badger5000 Oneida have morphed into Can c.1969. Get over here people! #atp

9.30pm @jagjaguwar @atpfestival Oneida and Aaron from Hallogallo locked into neon motorik bliss, the mighty White Hills have entered The Ocropolis #atp

9.45pm @ieatfog The ocropolis is currently amazing, dreamy chilled drone and vibes possibly best thing all day #atp

10pm @slowthrills For anyone bored with queuing White Hills are doing a surprise stint with Oneida in crazy horse now #atp

10.15pm @drsm79 Oneida are being most excellent. This one is in G. #ATP

10.30pm @NarcoAgent Said it before, but man can that Kid Millions (Oneida) play the drums!! He’s 8hrs into a 10hr shift & still going strong! Superhuman… #ATP

10.45pm @joegrassby In my mind Oneida are playing the role of Hawkwind in that duff novelisation. Never stop playing or the children of the sun get it! #atp

11pm @danielguntrip Oneida have been playing for nine hours now. They basically make every other band look like pansies. Also, rubbish. So rubbish. #ATP

11.15pm @jagjaguwar @atpfestival Oneida are ending the Ocropolis jam by playing a set of O songs, thank you everyone who came to check them out today #atp

11.30pm @atpfestival Oneida update: 9.5 hours done, 0.5 hours to go

12.15am @tonywithahook Oneida fucking killed ATP, man.

12.30am @NarcoAgent The Little O ended their Ocropolis marathon w/ Sheets Of Easter. You’ve got to look into the Light Light Light Light Light Light Light Light

12.45am @CitizenMeh Some random audience member just gave Oneida’s drummer a trophy. Well deserved to say the least. TEN HOURS! #atp

1am @theQuietus #ATP Oneida. I can’t believe someone finally got it right.


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