Spencer Krug is Awesome: An Essay by Joe S., Age 14


Spencer Krug as Moonface

Today we received what is probably my favorite piece of fanmail for Spencer Krug of all time.  Included in the email was a 500-word essay that Joe S., age 14 of Minnesota, wrote in order to win a Spencer-themed 1″ button.  Joe’s opinions contained herein are not necessarily representative of Jagjaguwar or its employees. There is one thing we can both agree on, though, and that is that Spencer Krug is Awesome.

The unedited essay after the jump…
Why Spencer Krug is Awesome

By Joe S.

To identify the reason Spencer Krug is awesome, I must first explain who he is to deserve this title. Spencer Krug is the lead singer in the bands Wolf Parade, and Sunset Rubdown, which are both classified as Indy (independent*2*). Why does that make him awesome? Why does being in an Indy Rock band make him awesome? It doesn’t.

What does make him awesome is the type of music his bands play. Sunset Rubdown and Wolf Parade both play incredibly deep music. By that I mean it’s not about someone’s car, or having sex, or money. It’s about life. The lyrics are so deep, in fact, that at times their meaning is missed. Even now after listening to the same four songs for quite a few months, I learn something new about the song every other time I listen. I’m not sure if I’ll ever find out everything that is hidden in the maze of his lyrics. The songs often involve analogies, references to bizarre and obscure historical figures and even at times historical events and mythological characters. You can barely listen to his music without a dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopedia next to you! By this we can tell that Spencer Krug is an incredibly deep thinker, amazing lyricist, and quite adept at rhyming. Pretty awesome, but I’m not done.

He’s not afraid to play crazy music. He sings about crazy stuff, in a crazy voice, in a crazy way using crazy lyrics. Even the band names are crazy. Sunset Rubdown and Wolf Parade are pretty awesome band names though. Let’s talk song titles: Anna Anna Anna Oh, and Apollo and the Buffalo, Up on your Leopard Upon the End of Your Feral Days, and Suns and Daughters of Angry Ghosts. Those are pretty crazy, yet, awesome. Where do you even come up with titles like that? I doubt I could write those. Is he crazy? Well maybe… but that doesn’t mean he’s not awesome. You could even argue that being crazy is the reason that he’s so awesome. Is that too crazy to believe?

He’s not on the radio, and he may never be, but he is well known in the community of Indy Rock enthusiasts. He stands up for us Indy Rockers. The fact that he’s on the radio is not entirely because of his choice of lyrics, melody, or band name. It’s because Clear Channel *3* only wants music that will bring in money. In short, Clear Channel has the music industry by the neck and isn’t letting go until it’s made its (UN)fair share of money*4*. The fact that Spencer Krug, who could join any other band and make it on the radio and is sticking with what he believes in, is right is awesome.

To finish up here, Spencer Krug is insanely awesome, due to his songs’ awesomeness, his songwriting abilities, his band names, and his ability to stand up for the minority that is Indy Rock. That is why I think Spencer Krug is awesome.

1. Sunset Rubdown is sometimes referred to as more Indie then Wolf Parade, or more “out there.”

2. Independent is a genre of music set aside from the rest. The opposite of independent is main stream.

3. Clear Channel owns all the radio stations. They choose what’s played and when.

4. New conspiracy theory? I think so…

Best Wishes,
Joe S.

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