Pizza Day and Black Mountain

TGIF nerds!  I fell in the parking lot today and multiple people saw!

Today was Pizza Day in the office, which is always a very good time.  Breadsticks and trust falls once a month – that’s us.  There are a lot of good za options here in Bloomington, but if you’re curious, we order from Greeks and Avers.  We have unsuccessfully set up a taco bar in the garage – I’ll update you when I figure it out.

I’ve got to talk with you about Black Mountain if that’s alright.  Posters are done!


Super gorge, right?  Let’s talk about them some more after the jump.

Okay, so that’s the poster that people get when they pre-order Wilderness Heart.  It’s huge, too, 17″ x 22″.  You can hang it up across from the mirror in your foyer, look at it every morning and do your best “Jessica’s Daily Affirmation.” LOOK, I CAN BE A SHARK.

Here’s the handy link to that pre-order again.  You get the poster as well as a code in your email that will give you a digital download of the record on August 31st (two weeks before the record is officially out).

I couldn’t attend the Black Mountain show in Chicago last night because I had some obligations, but Jon and Darius went. They came back this morning, and when I asked them how it was, they could only shake their heads in amazement and be like “super incredible, and you are a total dumbass for not going.”  Tell me something I don’t already know, dudes.

Two days ago in Madison, they did another super show that the AV Club described:

Black Mountain wasted no time swinging a massive wrecking ball into the guts of its audience at the High Noon Saloon on Wednesday. The primal battering of drummer Joshua Wells and the sludgy bass runs from Matt Camirand built a stone bridge for guitarist-vocalist Stephen McBean’s fuzzy allusions to Tony Iommi to stomp on. Meanwhile, the blazed ethereality of vocalist Amber Webber and the twitching sonics of keyboard multi-tasker Jeremy Schmidt soared over the top.

They’re playing new tunes at all of their upcoming summer shows.  Tonight they will be in Detroit, Michigan playing at the Magic Stick.  Don’t be a fool like me!  Go, go.

Have a nice 4th of July, everyone!  We obviously give total props to Canada, but go out on a lake and light up some fireworks and celebrate the summer. We’ll be back on Tuesday.

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The Motorway by The Besnard Lakes
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