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Richard Youngs Contributes Acapella Track to Root Strata 7″ Series

Valet/Richard Youngs - Tsuki No Seika Vol. 2 (Root Strata)

Over the course of his diverse, prolific career, Richard Youngs has used his voice — be it careening, pleading, soothing or caught in a strange, multi-tracked dance with itself — to great effect. Recently, Youngs contributed an acapella track, “Fen Flowers,” to Root Strata‘s Tsuki No Seika 7″ series, which focuses on the endless capabilities of the lone human voice. Of the contribution, Root Strata writes: “Richard Youngs is no stranger to this acapella lark (take a listen to his Summer Wanderer LP, for further details), and his hypnotic ‘Fen Flowers’ manifests itself as a minimalist, abstracted, multitracked take on the traditional, Ewan MacColl school of hand-on-ear folk singing. It’s a strange blend of disciplines, but his hypnotic delivery has real weight and resonance to it.”

The flip-side of the 7″ offers an acapella cover of the Mudhoney classic “Touch Me I’m Sick” from Portland-based Kranky artist Valet (aka Honey Owens), which is “rendered within a swarming, groggy swirl of edited vocal tones that brings some kind of cloudy beauty to the piece.”

With only 400 of these lovely 7-inches in print, it would probably be in your best interest to head to Boomkat now for your own copy.

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