Wolf People Get Extreme Close-up of KISS

Wolf People's Tom Watt before KISS

Wolf People's Tom Watt before KISS

Tuesday March 2, 2010 was a Crazy Crazy Night for the Strutters, Flaming Youth and Hard Luck Women of London, who were treated to a rare intimate performance by those ikons of American rock, KISS, at the 800-capacity Islington Academy. Read Guardian’s lovely review of the show HERE.

Wolf People drummer Tom Watt works at said venue and helped lay the foundations for KISSlington, as he explains:

“I’m the Technical Manager at O2 Academy Islington, been working here
over 5 years. It’s a bit of a strange venue; located in a shopping
centre/mall near Angel. I look after booking the engineers and over
see all technical aspects of the venue, some times I even mix a
band…We do all kind of shows; from unsigned band show cases to, er, KISS!

When I first heard that Kiss might be playing a show here I dismissed
it as a rumour but then discovered it was arranged by the same people
who did the Def Leppard show a couple of years ago and realised it
could really happen.

Luckily Kiss’s production manager and crew were all really nice people
and realistic about making this show work. We did every thing possible
to accommodate them; we had Monday to set every thing up and we had to
extend the stage a bit. It ended up looking like a wall of cabs with a
drum kit stuck on top! I’m proud that our PA and lighting rig is good enough to have kept them happy.

Must admit I’m kind of surprised we managed to get every thing on
stage; the Kiss sign was a tight fit and nearly cooked every one in
the room (It needed a 200amp power supply!) We are still cleaning up the mess created by the confetti blasters!”

When not hanging out with The Demon and Starchild, Wolf People like to Rock And Roll All Nite and party every day.

Tom after KISS.

Tom after KISS.

Multi-Love by Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Neverending Fountain (alt. version) by S. Carey
Bullet Proof.. I Wish I Was by S. Carey
Forgiven/Forgotten by Angel Olsen
May As Well (Bonus Track) by Angel Olsen
Continental Shelf by Viet Cong
Silhouettes by Viet Cong
How Can You Really by Foxygen
Cosmic Vibrations by Foxygen
Forever Dilating Eye by Sinoia Caves
Thousand Eyes by Lia Ices

Multi-Love by Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Neverending Fountain by S. Carey

Silhouettes by Viet Cong

Continental Shelf by Viet Cong

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