Getting ready for LOST with Justin Vernon, Josh Wells and the Jagjaguwar crew


There might be some pre-conceived notions about what constitutes water cooler conversation at an indie label, but I have to tell you that it’s basically the same old shit.  There’s enough fantasy baseball and fantasy football to keep my eyes rolling for most of the year, but I am happy to report that the majority of my co-workers love all the same television programming that I do.

That includes LOST of course, so we’re getting psyched.  After the jump we talk with Josh Wells of Black Mountain, Justin Vernon of Bon Iver and Jag founder Darius Van Arman about LOST to pass the time before tomorrow night.  How long must we wait, Locke?


JOSH WELLS (Black Mountain and Lightning Dust)

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Where are you going to be watching LOST on Tuesday?
I will miss it.  Gotta rehearse and record.  Will watch it later via the internet.

Who is your favorite character on LOST?
Hurley.  Coolest Dude.  I would actually hang out with him.


What do you think smokey is?
Island conscience?  Not sure I want to know, not a really great part of the show in my opinion.

JUSTIN VERNON (Bon Iver and Volcano Choir)

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Where are you going to be watching LOST on Tuesday?
I don’t watch until the season is all over.  Then, I buy chips and coca cola and watch it all without stopping.  Dead serious.  3 years in a row. Swish.

Who is your favorite character on LOST?
Jin.  Or from a dude standpoint, Kate.  But, Jin.

What do you think smokey is?
Our fears.  Absolutely no question.  Oh now I’m all excited!!!


Picture 24

Where are you going to be watching LOST on Tuesday?
We have our very own electromagnetic research station, in the woods, called The Swan Dive. That’s where.

Who is your favorite LOST character?
Jack. He loathes himself, but he is a good man deep down. So he’s the guy who fixes everyone and everything but himself. And these “fixes” are like his fix. It makes him feel better about himself (while he puts off fixing himself). So, in another way, maybe he’s not so good deep down, because he is really taking care of himself when he fixes others.


But things are now changing for him, and his transformation is fascinating to me. Is the “new Jack” (as Kate puts it) now a man of faith? Or is he someone who just doesn’t care anymore? Or could he be both? Like, maybe he believes now that he has no power—things either get fixed or remain unfixed whether he cares or not. Regardless, he is lost, and I get this feeling that once he finds his way, that is when the show will end.

What do you think smokey is?
Smoke monster = false Locke = Jacob’s nemesis (the Man in Black). duh.

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