ONEIDA Contributes Rare Track To Compilation

People have been harassing us about the upcoming, soon-to-be-stuff-of-legend, triple album by ONEIDA called Rated O. The truth is we can only reveal our secrets ONE BY ONE.

Good news for you: ONEIDA has contributed an exclusive track to Party Store Records latest cassette only comp: The Coldest Beer in Town. The song they contribute is called “Rated O”, an outtake from the upcoming album of the same name! One version of the tape has the instrumental version and one version has the vocal version!

Additionally, the band listed as “The Bible” features Baby Hanoi Jane and Kid Millions with Michael Awesome from Awesome Color.

Brooklyn’s finest underground noise-makers and party animals have formed like Voltron for this compilation, so take a trip to Kent Avenue for a few cold ones from the party store.

Track listing!

Blues Control “Frankie’s Problem”
Red Dawn II “Cat in the Brain”
Weirding Module featuring Canopic Lidz
Oneida “Rated O”
Golden Triangle “Annette’s Got the Hits”
Talk Normal “River’s Edge”

The Bible “Summertime”
Tall Firs “Slaughterhouse”
Tunnels “Trachiotemy”
Big-K “Bonus Track”
Awesome Color “Early Eldert Jam”

These are some stores where you can find this or go to Party Store’s Myspace for more info!

Academy Records 96 North 6th St Brooklyn, NY
Cinders Gallery 103 Havemeyer St Brooklyn, NY
Happy Fun Industries (inside Secret Project Robot) 210 Kent Ave Brooklyn, NY
Passout Records 131 Grand St Brooklyn, NY
Other Music 15 E. 4th St NYC, NY
Cake Shop 152 Ludlow St NYC, NY
Zulu Records 1972 W. 4th Ave Vancouver, BC
Volcanic Tongue 1129 Argyle St Glasgow

Multi-Love by Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Neverending Fountain (alt. version) by S. Carey
Bullet Proof.. I Wish I Was by S. Carey
Forgiven/Forgotten by Angel Olsen
May As Well (Bonus Track) by Angel Olsen
Continental Shelf by Viet Cong
Silhouettes by Viet Cong
How Can You Really by Foxygen
Cosmic Vibrations by Foxygen
Forever Dilating Eye by Sinoia Caves
Thousand Eyes by Lia Ices

Multi-Love by Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Neverending Fountain by S. Carey

Silhouettes by Viet Cong

Continental Shelf by Viet Cong

Boulder, CO - Fox Theatre

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