MONROE MUSTANG Release New Digital-Only Album Today!

It’s been nearly eight years since this Oklahoma-originated (Austin-based) band have released an album. A product of home recording sessions spanning more than a decade, MONROE MUSTANG’s fifth release is entitled “Monroe Mustang, The Imaginary Band, Regretfully Declines”. It comes out on Jagjaguwar as a digital-only release on April 8th.

Very early on in Jagjaguwar’s history, before the label moved to Indiana, Michael Linnen handed Jagjaguwar a cassette of demos. It was while he was on tour with Kranky recording artists Stars of The Lid. The cassette tape included Monroe Mustang songs. Correspondence ensued, and Monroe Mustang agreed to allow Jagjaguwar to release “The Elephant Sound” in 1999, which was one of the first records released on Jagjaguwar after the label’s relocation to Indiana. The nine song album found pockets of fans around the globe. It made a very distinctive impression in the Benelux. The band was invited to attend the Crossing Borders Festival there, where they recorded an EP for VPRO (Dutch Public Radio), that Jagjaguwar later released in 2000.

During “the Monroe Mustang hiatus” (which is how Jagjaguwar affectionately refers to the period of time between the year 2000 and the present day), the members of the band (Brian Barry, Taylor Holland, Christopher Linnen, Michael Linnen, and Jason Stout) kept busy with other musical projects, film scores, trying to leave the country, and raising precocious children like Sophia and Rowan Stout and Blaise Gibson Barry.

Some specific highlights:

* Chris and Michael Linnen contributed to “When the Detail Lost It’s Freedom”, the beautiful Kranky solo debut of Brian McBride, of Stars of the Lid.

* Michael Linnen was approached by David Gordon Green to score his first feature film “George Washington” with Green’s childhood friend and fellow Mustang fan, Ola Podrida’s David Wingo. Michael Linnen composed music for several of Green’s feature films, including the critically acclaimed “George Washington” (2000), “All the Real Girls” (2003), and “Undertow” (2004). Michael Linnen also composed music with Wingo for “Manic” (2001).

* Jason Stout and Taylor Holland both contributed music to a couple of indie films that did not see wide release. Stout contributed a song to the indie horror flick “Sex Machine” (2005). Holland composed music for Bradley Beesley’s 2006 documentary “The Creek Runs Red”.

* Taylor Holland and Michael Linnen have been playing together in a still-to-be-named side-project that may yet see the light of day. Holland has also been playing in the French band called Bombazine Black.

With all that’s happened, and is happening, Jagjaguwar is extremely proud to release the Monroe Mustang album “Monroe Mustang, The Imaginary Band, Regretfully Declines” today. It is available on iTunes, and at all major digital retailers.

Here’s a one-song preview

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