Richard Youngs Releases Limited Vinyl-Only “Long White Cloud” LP on Grapefruit Records

A guest blog post by Jagjaguwar alum Simon Joyner:

I haven’t participated in the running of a record label since 1997, when Chris Deden and I stopped releasing music on Sing, Eunuchs! Records. We found that the main problem running a small, independent label was that the majority of independent distributors refused to pay us after they sold our records, despite numerous phone calls, faxes, and threatening letters. There was an understood convention of withholding payment on sold goods until the label released another title the distributor wanted to carry. It seemed criminal and against the spirit of the whole independent music ethos but it was how things were done. Bigger independent labels could afford to subsidize their distributors by waiting on funds until the next record came out but we actually needed the money from the previous release just to fund the next record. It was a dispiriting, debt-ridden situation and when we hung up our hats after five years I vowed never to run a record label again unless I could circumvent what I considered an unfair distribution system.

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Richard Youngs Tapped For Grapefruit Record Club LP


Two of Jagjaguwar’s dear friends, Simon Joyner and Ben Goldberg, recently announced their Grapefruit Record Club, a subscription-based vinyl-only label that will release four exclusive LPs in 2011. And for its inaugural year, Grapefruit has selected Jagjaguwar’s Richard Youngs to join artists Lampchop, L. Eugene Methe and 200 Years (Ben Chasny of Six Organs of Admittance and Elisa Ambrogio of Magik Markers).

Having just returned from a tour and adventure in New Zealand, Richard is recording his contribution to the record club as I type this very blog entry. However, Richard has described the forthcoming Grapefruit album as “a meditation on native birdsong, Maori place names, the Pacific Ocean, satellite navigation, and clutch failure in Wanaka.” Yes, we are officially signed up.

Subscriptions for 2011 are open until Valentine’s Day. Kind of a perfect holiday gift for your household vinylophile black sheep, eh?

VHF Records releases Richard Youngs and Simon Wickham-Smith Retrospective


VHF Records is set to release a retrospective of the 20-year partnership between Richard Youngs and Simon Wickham-Smith, appropriately titled 20 years. It will include their first new vinyl in nearly 15 years, as well as three CDs worth of previously unreleased projects taken from the time vault that is “The 90s.”

Check out all you need to know here.

We here at Jag have released a bountiful cornucopia of Richard Youngs jams, including the re-release of a 1997 collaboration with Wickham-Smith back in ’08 called VEIL(For Greg).

All of this should keep you busy for a while!

Richard Youngs Contributes Acapella Track to Root Strata 7″ Series

Valet/Richard Youngs - Tsuki No Seika Vol. 2 (Root Strata)

Over the course of his diverse, prolific career, Richard Youngs has used his voice — be it careening, pleading, soothing or caught in a strange, multi-tracked dance with itself — to great effect. Recently, Youngs contributed an acapella track, “Fen Flowers,” to Root Strata‘s Tsuki No Seika 7″ series, which focuses on the endless capabilities of the lone human voice. Of the contribution, Root Strata writes: “Richard Youngs is no stranger to this acapella lark (take a listen to his Summer Wanderer LP, for further details), and his hypnotic ‘Fen Flowers’ manifests itself as a minimalist, abstracted, multitracked take on the traditional, Ewan MacColl school of hand-on-ear folk singing. It’s a strange blend of disciplines, but his hypnotic delivery has real weight and resonance to it.”

The flip-side of the 7″ offers an acapella cover of the Mudhoney classic “Touch Me I’m Sick” from Portland-based Kranky artist Valet (aka Honey Owens), which is “rendered within a swarming, groggy swirl of edited vocal tones that brings some kind of cloudy beauty to the piece.”

With only 400 of these lovely 7-inches in print, it would probably be in your best interest to head to Boomkat now for your own copy.

Tessellations by Richard Youngs
Sky Is Upon You by Richard Youngs
Sonar In My Soul by Richard Youngs
Low Bay of Sky by Richard Youngs
Indiana Spike Dance by Richard Youngs
Broke Up By Night by Richard Youngs
Love In The Great Outdoors by Richard Youngs

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