THE SKYGREEN LEOPARDS’ Donovan Quinn Releases New Album On Soft Abuse

Our good friends at Soft Abuse released a new album by THE SKYGREEN LEOPARDS’ Donovan Quinn. The band is called Donovan Quinn & The 13th Month. Their self-titled release comes hot on the heels of the “Sister Alchemy”/”The Rabbit Tracks” 7″ that Soft Abuse put out recently as well.

See more information HERE.

Also, visit Donovan Quinn & The 13th Month’s Myspace HERE.

A Week With THE SKYGREEN LEOPARDS’ Disciples of California on Daytrotter

Daytrotter’s taking good care of THE SKYGREEN LEOPARDS. Check Daytrotter each day this week for new thoughts on The Skygreen Leopards’ latest release Disciples of California.

A Week with The Skygreen Leopards on Daytrotter

THE SKYGREEN LEOPARDS Tour With Wooden Wand, Perform In Sky High Revue

Throughout the month of October, THE SKYGREEN LEOPARDS will wander the West Coast with WOODEN WAND! Not only will you catch Jagjaguwar’s Premier California Band performing new hits from the forthcoming Disciples of California, but members of SGL will also be layin’ it down as part of Wooden Wand’s Sky High Revue band!


Hill-Dwelling Bride by The Skygreen Leopards
Belle of the Woodman's Autumn Ball by The Skygreen Leopards
Julie-Anne, Patron of Thieves by The Skygreen Leopards
Disciples of California by The Skygreen Leopards
Dixie Cups in the Dead Grass by The Skygreen Leopards

There are no shows at this time.

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