Full Album Stream of ALEX DELIVERY’s Brutalist Sound

Alex Delivery have recorded an album of immense proportions, called “Star Destroyer” (out next week, on April 24), that words under-serve. Please check out a FULL ALBUM STREAM of it:


If you need a third party’s take on this album before you consider adding it to your privileged library of sound recordings, here is what WIRE MAGAZINE has to say about the debut record:

“…Alex Delivery announce themselves with a familiar boast – that they draw on elements of space rock, musique concrète and Krautrock. Too often, this sort of press release blurb means little more than an enthusiasm for such music… Alex Delivery, however, do deliver – even to the point of exceeding the promise. Theirs is a brutalist sound, a thrashing, upwardly mobile maelstrom, achieved using the sort of dangerously primitive electricity generator ethic preferred by Faust…”

Now curious about who these Alex Delivery kids are? Here are some things we know about them:

* Nik Bozic, who was born in pre-liberation Yugoslavia, and Marika Kandelaki, born in Tbilisi, Georgia, are a married couple
* Nik was the first person in his hometown to own a Nintendo (although it was limited to black and white, no sound)
* at the tender age of five, Marika attempted to poison her older brother and his friend with rat poison; she was unsuccessful
* Marika and Yegang Yoo went to Parsons School of Design
* in the past, Marika designed clothes for Steven Tyler and Lenny Kravitz
* Yegang never played in any bands before Alex Delivery, with the exception of playing komungo as a hired musician for funerals in her hometown in Korea
* Yegang works as a patternmaker for up-and-coming fashion house Vena Cava in Brooklyn; she hopes to make clothes that do crazy things to people. She has also worked for visionary designer Hussein Chalayan in London.
* Robert Lombardo studied literary theory and philosophy at Rutgers University; he paid off his college tuition with high-stakes backgammon winnings.
* Nik and Robert love meat
* Robert’s had only one broken bone, which was a rib, when Colin Ryan punched him in the chest.
* Colin was not available for comment

ALEX DELIVERY’s Star Destroyer Now Available For Pre-Order

Think Can or Faust all mashed up with the personal disco of Arthur Russell. Think of the electric organ of Terry Riley’s Shri Camel, slowly morphing and perpetually in motion, but remaining in step with a guitar-less and Moroder-charged Sparks. And think of a more composed Dead C, where Michael Morley sings about Big Thunder Mountain while holding a beach ball in one hand and fending off the digital shards of musique concr?te humming around his ears with the other.

Alex Delivery have gleefully exposed their myriad gifts and influences with their debut full-length Star Destroyer, almost two years in the making. On it the New York-based quintet have demonstrated their penchant for the electro-organic, seamlessly blending the sharp and gentle, like a chain-gang draped in organza. You can hear the chattering of insects resonating from the inside of a kettle drum, and you can imagine this colossal robo-beast wobbling and waltzing down an abandoned carnival boardwalk. Sylphs soar across strings, occasionally descending to enjoy some wiggle-worthy poly-rhythms. These and many more colorful characters have climbed aboard the Star Destroyer.

Order it here

ALEX DELIVERY On National Tour In April With Frog Eyes

Alex Delivery hail from the bustle and noise of Brooklyn New York, and their sound reflects it. Their new album and Jagjaguwar debut “Star Destroyer” (available in stores on April 24) challenges right away by beginning with the high screech of grinding metal. It is a sound that is both difficult yet intriguing. From here “Star Destroyer” continues to expand and challenge with traditional, found, and industrial sounds heaving and crashing in dense polyrhythms. The result is a fascinating collection of almost danceable experimental music that is sure to amaze and mesmerize. You can catch a sneak preview of Alex Delivery live, performing “Sheath-Wet” at Tonic in New York right here

or youtube embedded here

Now Alex Delivery are poised to hit America’s highways with a tour that will take them coast to coast. Joining them on this trek for most of the way will be the indelible and incredible Frog Eyes.

Alex Delivery Tour Dates:

04/26/07 Chicago, IL – Empty Bottle
05/01/07 Seattle, WA – Crocodile Cafe
05/02/07 Portland, OR – Holocene w/ Frog Eyes
05/04/07 San Francisco, CA – Bottom Of The Hill w/ Frog Eyes
05/05/07 Los Angeles, CA – Echo w/ Frog Eyes
05/08/07 Tucson, AZ – Plush w/ Frog Eyes
05/10/07 Denton, TX – Rubber Gloves w/ Frog Eyes
05/11/07 Austin, TX – Emo’s w/ Frog Eyes
05/12/07 Houston, TX – Proletariat w/ Frog Eyes
05/14/07 Atlanta, GA – Drunken Unicorn w/ Frog Eyes
05/15/07 Chapel Hill, NC – Local 506 w/ Frog Eyes
05/16/07 Washington DC, – The Rock And Roll Hotel w/ Frog Eyes
05/17/07 Philadelphia, PA – Johnny Brenda’s w/ Frog Eyes
05/18/07 New York, NY – Mercury Lounge w/ Frog Eyes
05/19/07 New York, NY – Union Hall w/ Frog Eyes
05/20/07 Cambridge, MA – Middle East w/ Frog Eyes

Additional Information on Alex Delivery:

Alex Delivery mp3 “Komad”

Alex Delivery Band Web Site

Alex Delivery Myspace

Introducing….ALEX DELIVERY!!

It’s time for you all to get acquainted with the band that The Deli Magazine calls “the most original still-obscure band playing in New York”. ALEX DELIVERY is Nik Bozic, Marika Kandelaki, Robert Lombardo, Colin Ryan and Yegang Yoo. This Brooklyn-based quintet sounds like nothing you have ever heard before. They take cues from elements of Krautrock, space rock, electro-dance music, and musique concr?te and mash them all into a delicious sonic goo with a flavor all its own. Their otherworldly approach extends far beyond the auditory, as Alex Delivery have demonstrated their penchant for unique visual expression, as well. Their beautifully detailed album cover art comes from 6 original oil paintings made by multi-instrumentalist Kandelaki.

After nearly 2 years in the making, Alex Delivery’s debut full-length, “Star Destroyer”, will be available on April 24, 2007. In the meantime, the lead song, “Komad”, is available for free download here

For those of you that missed their wholly impressive performance at the Brahloween CMJ showcase in November, you can check out a quick YouTube snippet here. If you look closely, you just might catch a simian drummer and a poised and graceful Tinman (or woman…):

Youtube clip

You can catch Alex Delivery on the road this May when they embark upon a U.S. tour, opening up for Frog Eyes. More details and tour dates to follow.

Komad by Alex Delivery

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