Angel Olsen’s ‘MY WOMAN’ Out Now

The disarming, cool poise with which Angel Olsen both exceeds and defies expectations on MY WOMAN is simply stunning. And just about anywhere you turn, someone new is telling you so. She’s delivered a masterpiece. Her singular, timeless voice is more front-and-center than ever before, the production lighter than previous efforts. Yet the strange, raw power and slowly unspooling incantations of her earlier catalog remain.

So anyone attempting to pin down Olsen as either an elliptical outsider or a pop personality is going to be wrong either way. Olsen continues to reign over the land between the two with a haunting obliqueness and sophisticated grace. Sparkling wig or no, Olsen is in charge here. She’s defining herself and evading definition. She’s daring you to try and pigeonhole her as an artist. But if I were you, I’d just enjoy it. Okay, no more blabbing. Just go listen.

Purchase your very own copy of MY WOMAN below or visit your local independent record store. You can also catch Angel Olsen and her six-piece band on the road starting next Friday, September 9th. For a bite-sized preview check out their Late Show with Stephen Colbert performance – then check to see if they’ll be stopping in your city.

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